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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has the farm been active?
    The farm began in 1986 with Beth and David Rice. That makes it 34 years total in 2020.
  • How many acres do you have?
    The farm itself is actually only 13 acres. Most of our cropland is rented land in the Kempton area. In total we farm around 600 acres of land to provide feed for all our animals each year.
  • How many cows do you have?
    We milk around 65 cows but if you count the calves, heifers, steers, and dry cows we have almost 200 head of cattle that we raise between the home farm and a neighboring farm where we raise our heifers.
  • How do you care for your cows?
    The cows are milked twice daily and receive personal attention to make sure that their health is maintained. We keep personal records on each cow and calf to assure growth and development proceed as normal. A local veterinarian provides all the required preventative health measures, as well as for any unexpected situations. We have a sand free stall barn for our milking cows and a bedding pack barn for dry cows and breeding age heifers. They always have access to fresh water and feed. We use fans and sprinklers to help keep them cool in the summer as well as curtains to block the wind and keep them warm and dry in the wintertime.
  • How much milk does an average cow produce in a day?
    As dairy farmers we would say around 60 - 70lbs a day since we typically measure in pounds like our milk truck does. To the average person, that is approximately 7-8 gallons a day since each gallon of milk weighs 8.6 lbs.
  • What breed of cows do you have?
    We raise Holsteins cows. Those are typically the black and white cows. However, you will see some red and white ones as well. Holsteins have a recessive red gene so if the right combination of genes are there, they can be red and white instead of black and white! Fun fact: Each cows markings or spots are as unique as human fingerprints!
  • What do you feed your cows?
    Our cows are fed a balanced mixture of alfalfa haylage, corn silage, soybeans, and minerals to keep them healthy. They also have constant access to fresh, clean water (about 35-50 gallons a day) to quench their thirst and help them produce quality milk.
  • How to check out in our self service store?
    Our self-service store is open daily from 6am -8pm Sunday through Saturday. It is completely self-service in that you grab your desired products from the coolers and then check out using trust and honesty. There are plastic bags available for those purchasing several items at the checkout desk. When at the desk and ready to pay, grab one of the white envelopes. Write down your name and all the products you are purchasing. Then tally up the cost of your products and place your cash or check in the money envelope. Then simply place the envelop in the money box. Since it is self-service, we do not provide change so please come prepared with small bills!
  • What products do you have?
    We have a variety of dairy products, eggs and beef. Check out the Our Products tab to see a list of all our products!
  • Where can I buy BAD Farm products?
    Directly on the farm (86 Wieder Rd. Kempton PA 19529) Farmers Markets Lehighton Emmaus Wanamakers General Store Dietrich's Meats and Country Store Mountain View Supply Shady Mountain Market Raceway Quarry View Farm Store Local Leaf Market More Pickles Please Open View Acres Heart & Hearth Gorge Eatery Miller Charm Butcher Shop Albright's Mill AG Farm Market ACEC Good Farm Contact us or check with your local businesses to see if they carry BAD Farm products!
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